Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use or print copyrighted material?


Customers must represent and warrant that they own the rights, or have obtained the rights, to use any logo, trademark, service mark, artwork, name, photograph, statement, illustration or any other intellectual property to be placed on the products purchased on this website. Emunah Graphics LLC accepts no liability for the unauthorized use of any art, logo, trademark or copyright printed on any item ordered by the customer. The customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Emunah Graphics LLC from any claims, suits or actions alleging that any artwork supplied by the customer violates or infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party.


I have a low resolution or poor-quality file of my logo, or my designer didn’t give me a copy. Can you use the file I have or take it from the internet?


This is a common and unfortunate situation. Too often a graphic designer will hold your files hostage that you paid for them to design and not give you a copy of them. The designer expects this will keep you stuck having to come back and continue to use their services. When you commission a designer to work on your logo or branding be sure to get included in the design contract that a letter or statement of ownership will come along with a copy of your files at the time of completion. Without proof of ownership you will have a hard time finding a design or print company that will use your files. They’re considered licensed to the artist who designed them. Emunah Graphics LLC does not engage in this practice. Unfortunately, we cannot use your files or alter them in any way.


What are screen charges, plate charges, and programming fees?


These are industry standard charges for the set-up of specific printing equipment used to produce your imprinted products. Plastic pens, apparel and many advertising specialty items use a screen printing process. Vinyl calendars require a metal plate to imprint your message. Laser engraving is a computerized process that requires specific programming to set-up each order.


Can I order less than the minimum quantity shown?


Minimum quantities are usually established by our factories’ production restrictions and therefore cannot be changed.


What file formats work best?


• Adobe Acrobat Files (PDF)

• Adobe Illustrator 9 or earlier (Save file as EPS. All fonts must be converted to outlines.)

• Adobe Photoshop Bitmap Image (Minimum 300 dots per inch saved as a TIFF line)

• All Microsoft programs except Publisher. All fonts must be listed.


Will my imprint look exactly like the preview?


Due to the nature of screen resolutions, browser capabilities, and the limited ability of monitors to reproduce accurate colors, the preview may not represent the final product exactly. We will try to closely replicate the product with your imprint on it to our specifications to allow you to make a purchase decision and proof your products. Size, color, and locations of slogans, logos, and imprints may vary. Emunah Graphics LLC does not guarantee the final product will look exactly like the preview.


What is camera-ready art?


"Camera-ready” refers to art and copy that is ready to be imprinted onto a product without being retouched, reworked or otherwise “cleaned up” by our art department. Logos, images and artwork must be clear, sharp line artwork without ragged, jagged edges. Type appearing in logos should be the same quality and may need to be reset by our art department. We will match your typestyle as closely as possible. We CANNOT accept photocopied artwork, or any art that contains shading, patterns or screens. Typically items like business cards, letterheads, decals, and faxes are not suitable as camera ready art. Those files are considered “print ready” files and must meet certain sizing and formats to go to production. All work requiring the skill of our art staff will be billed as a setup-up charge.


Can you ship items to my location?


Yes. We offer shipping services on most items anywhere that UPS, the post office, or FedEx can get to inside of the continental U.S.A. We currently do not offer shipping to foreign countries or United States territories. Shipping and handling charges will vary based on location and are subject to change at any time.


Can I get a refund on my order?


All our projects are custom jobs. Due to the nature of this we cannot offer refunds or exchanges. If there is an actual error in the quality of the production, we can offer to exchange the product for the exact same product. If there are any errors in spelling, grammar, or layouts that you have signed off on to go to production we cannot offer exchanges or reprints.


How do we get started?


That’s easy! When you come to us with a project we will ask you for information that will set parameters on the scope of what needs to be done. Once we have all the information necessary, we will email you a quote. Review your quote carefully and if all looks in order, sign it and email it back to us. You will then receive an invoice to your email address that can be paid in person or online. Once your invoice is paid, work will begin on your project. You will be included in the process by getting to see progress and proofs. Before any order is submitted into production we must receive a signed proof sheet back stating that everything is okay to send off.


What methods of payment do you accept?




CREDIT CARDS / DEBIT CARDS – All major credit cards are accepted. A 4.5% service charge will be added to all credit card transactions. Charge-backs on services may result in legal action being taken to remedy lost payments.


We do not offer Net30 services. Payment schedules on large design projects must be adhered too and any interruption in payment will result in work being stopped until payment has resumed.