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We are open for business!

We continue to watch and assess the COVID-19 pandemic as it affects the livelihoods of a lot of whom we provide services to. You may have noticed we went through some drastic changes over this year. All of it was for the best and to continue to ensure we are still around for a long time for our clients to enjoy our offerings. In July 2020 we made the hard decision to permanently close our local Vandalia, OH office and not seek a new location. We continue as local Chamber of Commerce members and continue to attend events and help in the community when possible. We have moved to an entirely online platform-based business. This was all in direct response to Covid-19. Local pickup and delivery are no longer available options. Every order will conveniently ship directly to your location and this has not affected our turnaround times on orders.


We are committed to being a part of the solution for the small businesses that work with us. If you are considering using a major retailer as opposed to our services, I would like to encourage you to shop small.  We are locally owned and operated and remain committed to our local community and the work we do in it. Our customer service excels along with the quality of offerings and we will continue to go to bat for our customers.


You may have noticed some of the recent price cuts on certain items like smaller postcards. This is because we are maintaining constant contact with our suppliers and working to lower our costs on providing products and services, we feel are the most necessary right now. Stay tuned to our social media pages for the latest deals available. We appreciate your support in these uncertain times.


We are not currently experiencing any delays in our production or shipping services, but this may change due to local conditions or government regulations. For more updated information please go like us on Facebook.